Here’s the perfect solution if you’ve ever found yourself without a quality image to share.

Listen to it like a podcast!

A big bank of images is crucial for your region, for both your DMO and tourism operators to showcase your collective stories.

Operators are out there taking 100s (possibly 1000s) of images every week but have no easy way to share them with each other and with you.

Imagine if they were able to send them in, have the best edited a bit (polished up), and made available back to them and anyone else contributing.

You’d have the problem of finding the right image for the job solved in no time.

It’d be easier for businesses to collaborate and to share local news with their own audiences.

Before you say ‘they wouldn’t be good enough quality to use’, I’d have two things to say about that…

One, those over-saturated unrealistic sunsets and landscapes you share on Facebook is so 2017. Stop it. Please. Tell local stories. Share realistic images. Set a fair expectation for visitors and then exceed it.

Two, I’ve been taking images and videos for tourism for about 5 years; I can say with a lot of confidence that editing can take an ‘ok’ image a long way. Even simply cropping an image to better highlight what you want the audience to take note of can do a lot.

It’d cost you a few hours a month in an external contractor to edit tons of images (I’m guessing like 200-300) if you had a system set up to easily enable your operators to share them with you.

In a year, you’d have over 2000 images available from all segments of your industry, for all operators to use.

Imagine the value you’d add. How much better would everyone look!

It doesn’t have to be difficult either… here’s an idea to get you started FAST.


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