How to target tourists on Facebook; no experience required.

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Technically, the answer is simple.

When you’re setting up the ad, and choosing your audience to target, you’ll be able to choose the geographic area you want to target. Once you’ve selected this you can choose to only ‘target people visiting the area’. Select this.

Now your ad will only be shown to people visiting the selected region. As opposed to everyone there, including locals.

The more important question you should be asking is, ‘What is my strategy with my Facebook ads?’; furthermore, ‘What am I trying to achieve?’.

When targeting visitors to your tourism destination you probably want to do one of a couple of things;

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Get people to come and visit you

If you’re raising brand awareness to visitors, you just want to let them know you exist. They’re sitting in some accommodation somewhere in the region, scrolling through Facebook to keep up with family and friends.

Your brand awareness ad targeting these tourists should inspire them to look further into what you do. That’s it. That’s as complicated as it needs to be. So when you’re thinking about your headings and images to use in your brand awareness ads, consider them with this in mind. Will what I’m choosing for the ad going inspire the target visitor to learn more.

The second type of ad, the ‘get people to come and visit you’, is more of a consideration or conversion ad.

You’re simply trying to drive awareness, you’re trying to drive action. To drive action, unless the visitor is already aware of you and planning to visit, you need to do something in this ad that will motivate them to change their behavior.

An offer, a deal, or something that creates an amount of urgency to choose you, is a way to do it. It might even simply be the fact you have live music playing today. The offer can be anything, but it has to be compelling enough to get their attention when they are scrolling, and change their behavior (literally what they are planning on doing while in destination).

Whatever you do, keep it simple. You’ll hear advice to set up lots of different ads to ‘test copy and image’ to see what ‘converts’ best. The truth is, this is great if you’re exceptionally competent with Facebook ads and highly engaged in learning from data tweaking the Campaigns, Adsets, or Ads along the way, but you, are not.

You are like most other businesses also using Facebook for ads. You’re relatively unsophisticated, you’re using it to increase your reach and get in front of the right people.

But you don’t have time to run loads of different campaigns to collect data and tweak ads. You have other things to do in your business. And this is OK.



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