How to get loads of quality images to use, in as little as 7 days.

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So, as recommended in the previous article, you’ve decided to try and acquire more images from your members to build up an asset bank of images. How do you approach it from a technical and communication perspective?

I’d say, keep it simple.

If you’re not ready to invest in a product like Crowdriff to manage user-generated content, licencing, and distribution of images for the region, just start with a simple system.

What might that look like?

Well, you could just have one email address, photos@……….com

Advise your members to send images there. Then, whoever is managing the images access them there before editing and uploading the appropriate ones to a page on your website.

That’s probably the simplest way to solve the problem.

I know you’re worried about copyright and waivers. Although privacy laws don’t protect people from being photographed, even without consent, it is prudent to have permission to use someone’s image from a commercial perspective.

So just train your operators on what are images we can use or not use, as a collective. There are still loads of shots that will be useful that work from behind a subject, doesn’t have any identifiable faces (e.g. from a distance), that is of a product, a place, or thing.

How to get members actively participating?

  • Regularly share the best you get
  • Make it easy to find the onboarding page
  • Communicate clearly about the benefits for everyone
  • Help people understand the type of images that work
  • Give them simple tips on how to take a better shot
  • Make it easy to submit images
  • Make copyright and licencing easy to understand



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