How to attract record attendees to training, even if you have tried everything and failed.

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In 2019 I used the messaging framework I talk about in this post to develop the marketing messaging to help attract event attendees to this workshop session I ran for Tourism Geelong Bellarine. For that session, we attracted nearly 90 participants; the most that had even attended a training event in person.

It wasn’t a coincidence that we had more participants than ever. It was that use of clear, clever marketing copy (messaging) that attracted them to the session.

Below, is that exact copy so you can get an idea of how to use the framework in a tangible way to do it for yourself.  The original event was published here.


Using Canva and Mailchimp to look like a big brand in your email marketing.

Most business owners/ managers know they should be doing email marketing, but the tools are hard to use and they simply don’t know what to communicate.

In this session we’ll guide you through a process you can use to help you define your brand styles, clarify your marketing messages and get started with email marketing. We’ll introduce you to two tools, Canva and Mailchimp, and show you how you can master the basics quickly to get your email marketing up and running or simply improve the results you’re seeing.

  • Expect lots of wow moments.
  • Expect to be surprised, it’s much easier it is than you think.
  • Expect to leave the session with better messaging for your brand (yes – we’re literally going to workshop some stuff).
  • Expect to be ready to tackle Mailchimp with confidence.
  • Expect this to be some of the most valuable hours you invest in your business this year.

You’ll finally be able to hit SEND with confidence that your brand looks good, your messaging is clear and that you can start growing your business through email marketing.

Who should attend: 

  • Business owners
  • Managers
  • Anyone new to marketing in their role
  • Anyone wanting to improve their brand and messaging

Presenter: Tim Davies

Tim helps businesses everyday with marketing strategy and content development. With extensive leadership experience in small business, a Bachelor of Technology and a curiosity to continue learning every day, Tim brings great mix of overarching business strategy with doing the doing.



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