How not to lose a website visitor in the first 5 seconds.

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Depending on what statistic you see, you’ll find that about 40-60% of all traffic to websites hits the homepage as a starting point (landing page). Furthermore, you have about 5 seconds to grab the user’s attention.

For these reasons it is incredibly important to a) know exactly who you should be pitching the home page messaging to b) doing it with as much clarity and brevity as possible, so as not to waste a second of the reader’s time.

As usual, we’re talking about your Regional Tourism Organisation or Destination Marketing Organisation Corporate Website here. Not your consumer site. However, the importance of these two points should be applied there too. Moving on….

Your members already (presumably) know, like, and trust you. There is no reason to sell to them here. You have their attention. You don’t risk losing them if their curiosity isn’t piqued in 5 seconds. They will dig a little harder to get what they need; be that event info, your latest workshop, or other assets like regional images.

As such, you don’t need to sell to this group on the homepage. It’s not for them.

Your website homepage is for anyone other than members.

Once you decide who the most important segment of that group is (I hope you agree it is potential members) you have your target audience.

Your next step is to define clear, concise messaging that speaks to their pain points and hits home quickly. The whole reason they’re visiting your website in the first case.

It’s going to be something like growth, collaboration, connections, learning, or industry insights specific to the tourism or the region.

To get clear on your messaging for this audience and to hold a user’s attention for longer than 5 seconds, use this simple message creation framework. I’ve even included some examples to get your started.

Do you want to know that you’ve got the right messaging to attract your target operators, and to better engage your existing members?
I take organizations through brand strategy and messaging workshops nearly every week. Touch base with me to find out what the process would look like to help you develop a ‘style guide’ for your brand messaging so you can start increasing member engagement and growing your member base.

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