Four critical questions to address to convert more website browsers, into paid up members.

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The majority of your publically available industry website content is not for existing members. It is for potential members yet to commit to you. Address these four questions to significantly increase your conversion on your website.

Would a first-time visitor know they are in the right place?

Are you getting to the point? Your first priority, above all else (including pretty images and design), is to communicate what you do, quickly.

Are you using clear language? Now is not the time to be clever, or verbose.

Is there a presence of other members on the website? Testimonials. Videos. Case studies. Images. What your members are saying about you is far more important than what you are saying about yourself.

People also want to feel like they are part of something successful. If your website is a ghost town, they will imply that your organization is too.

Is it obvious what impact membership will make on their life?

“Fred sees problems, questions and roadblocks on one side and his desired results on the other side.”1

Fred is your prospect. According to copywriting expert Jim Edwards your job is to build the bridge between those problems, questions, and roadblocks, with the visitors desired result.

“How do you find the meaning?”, he asks.

“Easy! Every time you see a claim, feature, or benefit, ask yourself some questions: “Why is that important?” “Why does that matter?” “Why is that a big deal?””2

Think beyond their business alone. What do they care about? How can a membership really elevate them to the aspirational identify see for themselves? Do they see themselves as important, connected people in your region? Do they see themselves as successful entrepreneurs or business people? Or, do they just want to retire early? This is the language you use.

It is your job to know your niche audience better than any other organization trying to target them. If you know them better, and you know what language to choose to talk to them, you will win their investment in your membership fee.

Is the value you provide to members immediately obvious?

Once you’ve convinced someone that a) you exist for them b) you understand and can solve their problems, now you need to clearly lay out what a membership costs and what they get (the features of each tier).

Follow this formula for your Feature dot points and you can’t go wrong.

” ________ so you can _______ which means _______.”3


  • Includes Training Workshops for members so you can continue to learn new marketing skills without paying for other courses and memberships, which means you will grow your business faster while saving money.
  • Includes access to the region’s images library so you can quickly find beautiful copyright-free images for your own marketing which means you’re brochures and website will look better and attract more customers.
  • Includes V.I.C famils to your property so you can showcase your offering to visitor information staff which means they will better understand your business and love selling it to new guests that arrive in Visitor Information Centers around the region.

What a simple, yet powerful little trick, right?!

Is it easy to figure out how to join?

Ask yourself,  “What do I want someone to do as a result of reading, watching, or listening to what I’ve created?”4

This applies to every blog post, Facebook post, brochure, and especially website you create.

Does your JOIN button stand out?

Is there any chance a visitor could miss it, during a visit to your website?

The most important call to action on your website should also be the most obvious.


References 1, 2,3  and 4.  from “Copywriting Secrets: How Everyone Can Use The Power Of Words To Get More Clicks, Sales and Profits . . . No Matter What You Sell Or Who You Sell It To!” by Jim Edwards. 

Get Killer Copy to Grow Your Membership Base and Retain more Members

I regularly run brand strategy and brand messaging workshops with organizations to help them construct the phrases, sentences, headings, and bullet points they need to attract more members and customers. A short, proven process that could massively impact your membership base growth and retention (yes, even knowing how to communicate the value you are delivering to existing members).

Through a series (usually only 2 at most) of workshops, I’ll take you through a process to get inside the head of your target audience and drill into what they really care about.

After further research and thinking, specific to your region, brand DNA and industry, I’ll document what ends up being a style guide of sorts for your brand messaging.

So you have powerful marketing messages that move the needle for your organization which means you no longer sit around wasting time wondering what to write in brochures and calls to action to attract your target audience, or watching members leave simply because you’re not clearly articulating the value you can or do provide.

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