Do your operators understand what makes up your destination’s DNA?

Listen to it like a podcast!

“For brand knowledge to become imbedded throughout the organization, it has to be protected against “evaporation,” the tendency for decisional wisdom to disappear as experienced people leave the company. The long-term success of any brand depends on the constant regeneration of corporate memory…. How?

With a brand education program that’s distributed throughout the company and its creative network, guaranteeing the survival of the brand, while keeping it open to feedback from the brand community.”

(from “Brand Gap, Revised Edition, The” by Neumeier Marty)

Replace ‘corporate’ and ‘company’ with ‘destination’ and there in lies one of the greatest yet most untapped opportunities among destination boards; clearly articulating and disseminating what forms the destination brand.

How can operators create collaborative experiences without it?

How can they understand the visitor, the journey, and be part of the long term plan for your region without?

Your three step plan:

1. Create your destination brand book
2. Create a program that distributes it
3. Support businesses ongoing to deliver the brand promise, together.


'An Absolute Must-Do'; the Book.

A concise framework to build a tourism business that people love, pay more for, and rave about.