You are pitching a new idea in a meeting. Someone says, ‘I dont really like it’. Here’s what to reply with to move things forward.

Listen to it like a podcast!

How many times have we been in a meeting and someone has said, ‘I don’t really like it’.

Maybe a social post…

A new logo, or sub-brand.

A colour scheme.

An idea for the website.

A campaign idea.

A membership engagement tactic.

An idea for a guest presenter.

Things come up all the time. We can never entirely avoid dealing with others in the organisation and collaboration on ideas is often key to nurture and grow them.

But what do you say when someone shoots down an idea with, ‘I don’t really like it.’ After all, we all know John’s bias for orange has no bearing here. But how do you tell him?

You ask.

But, does it feel right for our brand?

It is right for our members?

Will it help us achieve our objectives?

Move the conversation to objective questions and remove subjectivity.


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