Argueably the most important marketing tool, you are not currently teaching members.

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We are often so romanced by Facebook Ads, websites, social media, and photography, that we forget to address this one critical marketing channel to grow a tourism business.


Consumers rely on them more than ever.

Yet, most businesses I’ve come across don’t have a plan to acquire them. I’m also not sure I’ve ever come across a DMO that is training operators on the importance of attracting and managing them.

When my Dad started his business, Geelong Winery Tours, rather than try and do everything well, he focused on this one thing. Reviews.


Not surprising it wasn’t something done really well by his competition. He also knew what it took to get a 5-star review. A focus on product and service.

We all intuitively know that if you have an exceptional product, you’re probably going to be able to grow your business. Word of mouth (the network effect) will do it for you.

The problem you have is, as I began the article with – people are currently so romanced with ideas like influencer marketing, social media, hashtags, Facebook Ads, and better photography. It gets bums on seats at your events. And while all can be really valuable, I’d argue every single one of those channels/tactics comes a distant second to the importance of high star reviews for tourism businesses.



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