How do you know if your membership delivers value, if you are not measuring this.

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Would you agree that building capability, enabling collaboration, and improving your members’ bottom line are three key metrics members are expecting you to impact?


Then why aren’t you measuring how you are doing?

I’m not talking about a survey form on how inspiring a presenter was or how good the platter was at the member function.

I’m talking real impact on their business.

How can you track progress towards your goal without the data? How can you learn, pivot, fix problems, do more of what works?

You need to start asking questions that give you consistent and measurable data assessing your impact in areas such as;

  • skills development
  • collaboration and networking
  • common brand & regional confidence
  • business confidence

Two added benefits: it will help you come up with ideas for member training and it will keep you focused on your members’ needs, and not yours. The latter, particularly important for a strong and thriving member base.


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