Are webinars worth the time and investment?

Listen to it like a podcast!

In mid-2018 my wife and I finally made a decision 6 years in the making; to prepare our lives to sell up and tour Australia with our two girls in a caravan.

When Covid hit in early 2020 it really threw a spanner in the works. 4 weeks after picking up the van, we, like many people in the country were in lockdown. We were stuck in Lauren’s Dad’s driveway in a small coastal town near Geelong, Victoria.

When we eventually got the green light to go mid-year, something had shifted that you would never have predicted before 2020.

Online meetings were the new norm. Even better for us, who were now working remotely and relied on them, everyone needed to learn how to do it.

Including your tourism members.

And so, webinars and Zoom meetings blew up.

Between all the ‘You’re on mute’ and ‘Can you hear me?’ the question is, did anyone learn anything? Was anything achieved?

Speaking to my Dad who operates a tour business in Geelong, the answer was a resounding yes. I’d go as far as saying he felt more engaged with and communicated with than ever.

Judging by the countless workshops, strategy sessions, and training I participated in or led; without a doubt, I would say yes as well.

Why do they work?

It’s easier to attend, so you can get more people there. You don’t have wasted travel time. The systems generally remind people to get on the call. And, it’s easier to deliver learning materials or homework to recipients after the call.

I won’t try and convince you that online training can replace it, as there is something you certainly can’t replace about in-person interactions.

But remote training, or online training, is equally here to stay. This is the new normal.

Your chance is to embrace it, look for training opportunities specific to tourism, specific to the problems your industry members face, or create them yourself.

I’m creating training specific to tourism operators at because I believe great people, running great businesses in regional tourism should have every opportunity to succeed.




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