A simple sales tool; easily overlooked just as it was at this destination.

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I remember reading a marketing book a long time ago. I can’t recall the name of it.

It told a story of a small independent supermarket engaging a marketer to help them generate sales.

The first thing the marketer did, asked the owner to put an ‘OPEN’ A-frame out the store’s front. As the story told it, sales doubled overnight.

Now the author may have used some creative licence to demonstrate a point. Double sales, that’s a big ask.

The moral of the story is relevant. Here’s something that happened to me recently.

My wife and I are currently travelling Australia with our two girls. We spend less than a week in most destinations and as such, have to jam in as much tourist experiences as possible in a short time frame.

A couple of weeks ago we followed a tourist drive in Goolwa, South Australia. We had read that there was a spot seals came in to relax during the day so we wanted to investigate.

As we drove along, we came to a dead end. A small carpark with grassy park and some benches.

From where we were parked, we could see some people walking along the barrage (a small damn like wall crossing the river).

On first glance, access to which seemed protected by a military-looking like compound.

We thought nothing of it did a u-turn and drove out of there.

The next day we were driving around looking for things to do. I asked my wife to Google the seals again and try to find out how where they are and how you access them.

Google told us they were at the barrage. Where we were the day before.

We decided to return to see if we had missed something. It turns out, we did.

There was a small path that ran along the outside of the restricted area you were able to follow.

Sure enough, all the way along the barrage and to a group of seals relaxing on the old pier.

It was a remarkable, natural experience. One I’m sure we’ll never forget. But one, had we not persisted to find, we would have missed.

We told another couple at the holiday park we were staying at about the experience. Who went down the following day and came back with a great story of their own.

How many other families miss this same experience simply because the signs there aren’t more obvious to the visitor?

Let’s assume ten other cars per day do the same as us on that first day and miss out. Ten per day for 365 days per year, is over 3500 cars.

3500 cars per year who won’t be sharing the experience on Facebook, Instagram or word or mouth.

Is your business properly signed? Physically or metaphorically. Is it easy for people to find you. Are you communicating clearly or are you missing a massive opportunity to engage with new customers?


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