A simple copywriting tip to help you increase engagement, anywhere.

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A heading has one job. To get attention.It doesn’t matter where you are writing for this rule applies.

If your heading doesn’t get attention, the audience doesn’t read further. If they don’t read further, you have likely achieved nothing so why bother starting at all in the first place?

That’s why on your website, you might want to rethink that title on the home page ‘Destination… [Insert] is the peak industry body for [insert destination].’  and instead go with something like ‘Grow your tourism business like wildfire, and have far more fun than doing it alone. ‘ or ‘You’ve just found your new secret weapon to business growth, and influencing our tourism industry.’

It doesn’t mean you can bait and switch, using a really clickbait heading that doesn’t accurately describe the content or thing you are delivering.

You must deliver on the promise, otherwise, you’ll lose trust. We don’t do business with someone we don’t trust, do we?


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