A few members taking massive action after a training session, is be better than inspiring many.

Listen to it like a podcast!

Increasing the capability of a handful of members by a significant measure will be more valuable long term than moving a greater number to inspiration or minor action only.

When you create a 9 or 10 out of 10 experience with any product or service, you’ve built what I’d refer to as a remarkable product or experience.

It is literally, worthy of remark. To friends and family, but also to strangers via reviews.

Why is it more valuable? The network effect kicks in.

A delighted customer will tell lots of people. They will spread the positive word. They want others to know how great their experience was. They want others, to know that they know.

A neutral customer; will tell no one. Think about the last time you had a ‘meh’ experience with a product or service. You can’t forget about it fast enough.

A customer that has a poor experience or feels like you’re getting more value than you are delivering, will spread a negative word.

Manufacture remarkable training and development opportunities for members. Move them to through to action.

In-person training is not that remarkable. Unless the speaker themselves are incredibly remarkable. In my experience, these are few and far between.

You can’t afford to inspire your tourism members alone. You need to move them to action in their business. Massive action if you can. So they want to come back for more. So the few hundred dollars they spend on a membership each year is so insignificant they can’t afford NOT to do it.


'An Absolute Must-Do'; the Book.

A concise framework to build a tourism business that people love, pay more for, and rave about.