5 ideas worth stealing from other DMO industry websites

Listen to it like a podcast!

The language East Coast Tasmania use; ‘Images’, ‘Logo Pack’, ‘Marketing Opportunities’. You don’t need clever language to be clever. Clever is connecting your members with what they need, adding value to their business, and guess what – retaining them next year!

Visit https://eastcoasttourism.com.au/

Yorkshire knows who their homepage is for, and they do two things well; they use language focused on their members, and they have mechanisms to capture leads (potential members) like obvious routes to sign-up or connect with them. It looks like they’re using Hubspot as their Customer Relationship Management software, so these guys are serious about business development. They also offer a login are for members, which gives a non-member a sense of ‘being outside of the team’ which I like. The simple things, done well.

Visit https://industry.yorkshire.com/

Tourism Greater Geelong Bellarine gives their audience the opportunity to segment themselves and learn a bit about what other existing members from their sub-industry have achieved through their team tourism partnership. What others say about your brand is much more important than what you say about your brand. The more specific (and targeted in use) of this testmonial

Visit https://www.tourismgeelongbellarine.com.au/

Scroll past the useless hero image and title, and Vancouver’s homepage is bang on. It’s easy for a website visitor to pick a pathway, essentially identifying themself (for potential use later if you wanted to) or just to lead them to solutions you offer for them. How clean and easy is this?

They are also using a CRM to manage memberships and provide a member login to offer additional resources and communication – https://www.simpleviewinc.com/dms/

Visit https://www.tourismvancouver.com/members/ 

Another DMO that also focuses on their member’s needs and makes information easy to access and understand, is York (U.K.). Check out how well laid out the ‘Membership Opportunities’.

Visit https://www.visityork.org/members 



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