3 big problems with your member training program, and how to fix it.

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1. You are not experts (and never will be) and when you rely on them many come in looking to sell what they do and fail to deliver members’ needs.

2. Your training content doesn’t have a common thread running through it. There is no point in teaching members how to advertise their product or service if it is terrible. There is no point running Facebook ads if you are not clear about the objectives you are aiming to achieve.

3. Presenters are simply not aware of what else you have on your program and how they should fit into it.

These are 3 key problems that, until addressed, will continue to prevent you from having a massive impact on the businesses that are attended. You and I both know, if you are not having an impact on their business they will stop attending and you’ll lose that opportunity to deliver value for their membership dollar.

Not only that, you are genuinely missing an opportunity to help build important businesses with the region. Your role is critical.

From Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association to members and potential members – Your ability to survive and grow in the competitive tourism industry will, to a large extent, depend on your business and marketing skills.

This is accurate and DMOs fundamentally understand it and want to help address the opportunity. Unfortunately because of the aforementioned reasons you are probably still failing to maximize your impact on business and their impact on the region.

Here are 3 things you can do to dramatically improve the results you are achieving with members.

Have a structured plan.

Create an ordered approach to your training content. If we looked at what businesses need in order to create and market a successful business, it might go something like this:

  • Brand Strategy
    • How to create a brand strategy for your business.
  • Marketing Plans
    • How to create a marketing plan that won’t overwhelm you.
  • 5 Star Experiences
    • Creating an irresistible product or experience.
    • How to get more reviews.
  • Attracting Customers
    • How to get started advertising on Facebook.
    • Taking better images and videos for your business.
    • How to write compelling copy.
  • Digital marketing
    • Your website
    • Marketing channels
    • etc
  • Growing your Business
    • Growing and leading a team
    • Understanding key financials
    • ¬†etc
  • etc….

Communicate your expectations with presenters.

Once you have a plan, make sure you communicate it with presenters or content creators, so they know where they fit into the mix and can make sure they can dovetail their content into one another. There is no point in having silos that don’t relate to one another. Business doesn’t work like that. What you do over there, impacts things over here.

Change your thinking; change your approach.

You’re probably thinking, ‘but people are at different stages of their business…. we need to create more universal content.’

Sure, it is easier to provide a disjointed member training program that sticks bandaids over trends. But is this actually going to deliver long term results for the region?

What’s the answer?

  • Integrating a learning management system in the backend of your website?
  • Licensing a business course on Udemy?
  • Live streaming your training sessions so more people can attend and ask questions live?

Perhaps. But for now, these questions are too tactical.

[Some of ] the questions you should be starting with are;

  • How do we deliver our training in an efficient way that members can access and implement regardless of where they are located, what date they start their membership with us, and what stage their business is at’.
  • How will we track participation and engagement?
  • How will we track the return on investment?
  • How will we structure the content?




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