To learn, copy; how to advertise your tourism business.

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A couple of weeks ago, my Dad asked me via Messenger for some tips on reaching seniors groups via Google Search Ads.

Dad runs a small winery tour company in Victoria, Australia.

My advice was this; look at what other businesses in the industry are doing and copy them.

No, don’t Google Ads for competitors in your backyard and start clicking them. That’s just shit form, and you can do much better than that.

If you’re a winery tour company, Google something like, ‘Winery Tours for Seniors Group, Napa Valley’.

Ask yourself, where are the best business in my industry located in the world?

For wine, that might be France or California. For your tourism segment, it’s likely to be somewhere else.

The best businesses in your industry are likely to be operating in the best markets in the world. One would also expect them to have some of the best marketers globally, the best budgets, and the best customers.

They’re likely (not guaranteed) to be doing what you’re trying to do remarkable well.

Look to these businesses for leadership. If you like what they are doing, copy them.

What is the business behind the ads?

What do you like about them?

What language are they using?

Which ones would you be likely to click if you were the audience?

Screenshot ones you like, and start collecting them. Maybe not for today, but future reference.

Simply being aware of advertising and considering what you like and what appeals to you will change how you view advertising in your own business.

If you’re browsing Facebook or somewhere else online and you see an ad that stands out, screenshot it.

It doesn’t even need to be your industry. It may simply include a clever headline or design element that gets your attention.

You don’t need to be the best marketer in the world when you quickly have access to some of the best marketers in the world.

Just consider where you can find and see their work to learn from.

Copy. Not from your industry, but from any other industry. Find an industry more dull than yours, discover who’s remarkable (it won’t take long), and do what they did.1


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