How to cut through the 4000 other ads your customer will see today

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It is estimated we see 4000-10,000 ads per day (Forbes).

Which begs the question – how do you get your ad noticed?

One of three ways. Make it inspiring, make it exciting or make it hyper-relevant. (Vik Harrison, Co-Founder, Charity: Water).

What does that mean for a tourism business?

  • It means waste no time cutting through the crowd.
  • Got a great 2 seconds of video? Dont wait to use it later in the video. Put it up first to get interest and lock in attention.
  • If you can use the name of your town or region in your ads, do it. It will make ads look non-generic and speak more direct to people.
  • It means be thoughtful about the context of the ad and design it specifically for that time, place and audience. Make every ad your super bowl ad.
  • It has to be bold enough to break the pattern. When the internet was growing banner ads were all the rage. It didn’t take us (humans using the internet) long to realise we could just ignore them. Soon enough we did it subconsciously. We noticed and retained none of them. The same thing has happened with social ads, billboards and everywhere else you spend your ad dollar. That’s not to say you can’t get your ad noticed. But you do have to do something that cuts through. Something which breaks the users normal pattern.
  • It means don’t use stock images and video (where noticeably that). Invest in your own images and video.

It means ask yourself, is this ad inspiring, exciting or pattern breaking? If not, its not going to cut through the 4000 others I’ll see today.



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