How do you test marketing copy for your tourism business?

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In the ‘old days’ if you wanted to test a variation of a headline, body copy or image, you’d have to run a newspaper, magazine ad, or some direct mail (letterbox drop) with a call to action (coupon) that was measurable.

You’d track results, and after an amount of time, you’d have enough data to decide if the thing you were testing outperformed or failed in comparison to the status quo or original version.

There was no way to measure if readers paused on an ad in a magazine long enough for the message and brand to sink in.

Today you can run a Facebook ad with multiple variations inside the same campaign and know within a couple of days which version people respond to.

You don’t even need conversions (coupon submissions or sales) to know what is working best.

Facebook will not only identify which version people are most engaging with, but they’re also motivated to show these ads to continue to deliver a platform (experience) that people enjoy and will come back to use.

For $20 you can reach a few thousand people on Facebook and gather the data you need to decide between ad A and ad B.

Once you decide between there two variations, you have a new A. Create a new B and test it against your new A.

If B wins, you have a new A. So, the sequences continues.

For $20 and a couple of days, you can constantly improve your marketing messages and calls to action without an ounce of experience.

You have to start doing it.

Not even the most experienced copywriter in the world can tell you if a headline is going to work.

Test it, the uncomplicated way.


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