Dumb it down. You are too clever at what you do.

Listen to it like a podcast!

Have you ever been to a networking function, chamber of commerce event, or tourism industry event and found yourself get on a complete roll talking to a stranger?

Remember how you seemed to lose them partway through the conversation? Before you got to all the juicy details.

You are clever at what you do. You know your business and industry vertical inside out, and you can talk all night about the nuances of your product or experience.

Which works for some customers, but for the most part, confuses everyone else.

If 10 is industry jargon, in your advertising content, you are currently trying to bring your language to a 5.

A level the layman understands.

I know this because I’ve worked with maybe a hundred tourism businesses whom all have the same problem. I have met and, of course, visited many more.

Your assumption is wrong.

The layman uses language at a 2.

Your challenge is to pitch language in your ads, brochures and website at a 2.

Take the industry jargon out of your mouth and talk to people about what they care about. What they aspire to be and do – what THEY want.

They are busy people. They have many messages and distractions coming at them all day.

If you wish to cut through, skip clever for concise and avoid making the audience do unnecessary mental arithmetic to work out what you offer or what’s in it for them.

“If the issue is complicated, and it almost always is, simplify it as much as you reasonably can.” (from “Ogilvy on Advertising” by David Ogilvy)


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