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Choosing the best audience (target customer) for your tourism business

Selecting the best audience (target customer) for your tourism business doesn’t require you to try to be everything to everyone.

It is all about choosing a tiny audience that will care a great deal about what you do and offer and then moving out from there.

How do you pick the audience you’re going to target? Why is it so important to target something other than people that live in a specific location, age and gender alone?

It is because everything in your business is easier when you do.

Your aim should be to position to a group you can talk to based on their world view.

What they care about and how they think.

Psychographics rather than demographics.

Why? It’ll make it so much easier to talk to them.

Once you decide whom you will aim to attract, AND if you understand and articulate their world view, all of your brand messaging, advertising and even visual identity and design is infinitely easier to craft to appeal to them.


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