Are you completely bored of your own ads? Good. Your audience is probably just starting to pay attention.

Listen to it like a podcast!

I hate to bring politics in here, but there is a lesson you can learn for your business from Donald Trump’s first campaign.

He repeated a simple, small statement many times. Something the audience could understand, believe in and get behind. Make America Great Again.

Hiliary Clinton was arguably much more articulate. With how she communicated her policies and backed them up.

What she failed to do, was communicate clearly and consistently.

Most businesses do what Hilary Clinton did. Use too many words and introduce too many ideas.

In doing so, the audience can’t grab onto it and get behind it.

They say something, maybe a few times, get bored of it and move on. They move on too early.

Your audience needs to hear something many times before it sinks in. Not only does it need to sink in, but the message also needs to be normalised to them. They need to hear is so many times that when they are ready to buy, there is only one feasible option positioned in their head to solve that problem.

Clarify what you do and repeat it; repeat it for far, far, far, far, far longer than when you get bored of it.


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