Advertising used to be amazing – why you find it hard to find a great marketer for your tourism business.

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Remember in the 70 and 80s when even ads on television were entertaining?

Companies committed to ad campaigns. They invested in getting the messaging, the jingle, the people, and the locations right. That, after all, was why how they moved you to trust them and buy their products.

It seemed back then that almost every ad worked.

What went wrong? I don’t know about you, but ads very rarely entertain or influence me anymore.

Perhaps we’re exposed to a greater volume of ads now on more platforms, so we’ve grown to ignore them more.

I suspect it is something else.

With ephemeral (short life span) ads like social media, advertisers and marketers are worse, not better at their craft.

There are more marketers. More ‘ad-men’.

Far more.

Earning your stripes in marketing or advertising used to be a long slow road. Get a degree (not necessarily marketing), earn a role in an agency or company, work your way up.

There was an expectation you’d cut your teeth on copywriting or research before the agency would let you lose on a client.

Today, there are no longer qualifiers to call yourself a marketer.

Anyone can. I mean, literally anyone. And here in lies the problem.

People can set up and run an ad on Facebook in 5 minutes with 5 dollars and reach, maybe, 500 people. Perhaps more.

Alas, you are an ad person! An experienced marketer!

There is a lack of commitment to the craft.

It is why you have had poor experiences with marketers who haven’t delivered near on anything they said they would. It is why your gut is still telling you if you want to find someone good, you’re either going to work your way through a few bad eggs, or you’re just going to have to learn it yourself.

That’s not to say there aren’t some guns in the industry. I’ve worked with them and can name a handful. I also hope I am one.

But I’ve met, seen, or inherited clients from many more that aren’t worth their salt.

I find it frustrating, and I bet you do too.

Marketing (advertising) is a noble craft. When done right, it can change lives and accelerate people to the lifestyle of their dreams.


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