Advertise to people in this order.

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First, your existing customers. You’ve heard it before, selling to an existing customer is cheaper and easier than acquiring a new one. Even utilising paid advertising channels like social media to reach them will be money better spent than advertising to cold leads. So long as you have something new to talk about, that is.

Then, people that know, like and trust you. Ok, you may not know all three. The premise here, however, is that they have an awareness of you and your offer. As such, you are not advertising cold to them, trying to interrupt them for the first time. The closer they are to the ‘trust’ end, of know, like and trust, the warmer they will be for a sale.

Next, highly targeted audiences. The more you can qualify who you are trying to reach, the better. Through Google Ads, you’re going to target people by the keywords they search for. In LinkedIn, you’ll target on more profession-based things. Like job title. On Facebook, you can go really deep on this they care about, their interests and behaviours. One each platform, add in location-based targeting. For example, on Facebook you may target people that are interested in Gin and Whiskey, they’re 40+ years old, male, and are visiting your region.

Only then, wider audiences. Take your ‘highly target audience’ above, and extend the boundaries of your location.

Only when you have each setup, move onto the next opportunity.

Start small. Then build-out.


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