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4 reasons why you actually want your logo to be teeny-tiny on your website.

The truth is, your customers or prospects don’t care as you do.

  1. You already interact with many websites yourself. I’m guessing the size of their logos have not correlated with if you remember the brand or not. Of course not. You’re far more concerned if they have what you need or solve your problem. Over time, sure you might recognise the logo if the brand becomes important to you.
  2. Taking up real estate on the website to do anything but appeal to your customer is a mistake.
  3. Your brand (and logo) will only mean anything to your customer over time if they have enough interactions with it to create meaning.

You have two audiences. Aware and unaware.

To the aware audience, they already know, like and trust you. You don’t need to put a big logo in front of them to reinforce your brand. How you treat them will do that. They go to your website to find a product, get a workshop time, or solve some other problem. Not to remind themselves what your logo is.

You have even less time with the unaware. They have never interacted with your brand before. They hit your website from a search term, or perhaps clicked a link on Facebook or Google. In any case, you have a tiny slot of time to convince them to stick around or that you can solve their problem. I wouldn’t waste that time with anything other than focusing on how to do that.

The biggest mistake you make with your marketing is making it about yourself. Your customer is the hero here, you are merely the guide. Guide them to solutions to their problems and you can’t go wrong.


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