Thursday, March 4, 2021

About the Editor

My name is Tim Davies. I am currently traveling Australia in a caravan, fully immersed in the visitor experience (everywhere!) living and working on the road with my family.

For 20 years I've been growing and leading SMEs in Australia including leading the build of a large tourism operator from the ground up.

I’ve worked in marketing agencies that work with Regional Tourism Organisations for nearly a decade. For the past five years I’ve worked with countless Tourism businesses (I’d guess ballpark 150 to 200 – I don’t know really) in all segments of tourism including products and experiences. In-person, I’ve presented to far more.

I’ve built I don’t know how many websites. Taken literally thousands of photos and videos for clients which have been featured everywhere from social pages to cinemas, visitor brochures, and industry magazines. And here is where that has led me….

It frustrates me that so many destinations and operators struggle to build a strong business and communicate what makes them great. Although many, are exactly that. Great!

Through Tourism Unpacked I help Tourism Organisations and Tourism Businesses with strategies and tactics to grow.

At The Charted Course I help Tourism businesses with brand and marketing strategy.